➢ The Beckles Collective, LLC has provided consultancy to members of U.S. Congress on the impact and implications of pending or proposed legislation, to banks/lenders on optimizing their servicing/credit policy operations, to community based organizations educating them on home preservations options.
➢ We also advise investors, both nationally and internationally, in understanding the basics of the US residential mortgage credit policy, servicing industry, cash flows, securities, portfolio and operational performance metrics and optimization, distressed asset acquisition strategies, financial statement impact of policies & regulations, regulatory compliance and the viability of various segments of the mortgage value chain from loan origination to servicing rights and securitization.
➢ The basic advisory services provided include Information, Assessments and Strategy Development; Operations/Platform/Development, Optimization, Remediation, Implementation and Management; Compliance Framework Developement; and Conference Content and Structuring.
➢ White Paper Research and Lecture/Education Series development and delivery.