➢ The Beckles Collective, LLC (“TBC”) is a Washington, D.C. based executive strategic advisory firm specializing in Mortgage Banking, Housing Policy, Real Estate Management, and Neighborhood Stabilization.
➢ The current and target constituency benefitting the most from our services are legislators, Wall Street Distressed Asset investors, and the global servicing industry.
➢ Advising the non-profit housing community has also been an important component in developing holistic solutions and strategies to support the current mortgage and housing policy environment.
➢ TBC is a third party-certified Minority-Woman-Owned-Small-Business (MWOSB).
➢ TBC was created / founded in February 2011 by Ingrid Beckles, industry expert and former senior executive at Freddie Mac, on her vision and desire to provide the expertise gained from a unique vantage point.